24.06. – 04.07.2020

Young Stage

In 2020, the biennial festival “Young Stage” (previously “Kids on Stage”) enters its 6th round.

Young Stage
24.06. – 04.07.2020
Young theatre in HELLERAU

Sun 28.06.2020
Theatre festival “Young Stage” in the cultural garden HELLERAU
with the circus show “Instable” by Nicolas Fraiseau and Christophe Huysman, food and drink and much more

The Festspielhaus Hellerau was already understood and conceived as a cultural educational institution in its founding vision. The biennial festival “Young Stage” (formerly “Kids on Stage”) is thus a continuation of Hellerau traditions with a contemporary concept. The project name says it all: the projects of “Young Stage” are developed by professional artists* and educators* together with children and young people, who also perform on stage themselves. Institutional partners are mainly schools, but also social institutions. For 2020 we have announced the festival for educational institutions and artist educators for the first time. 13 proposals were selected from 21 applications. HELLERAU is committed to making the festival “Young Stage” a meeting place and exchange forum for young theatre and art enthusiasts as well as teachers* and artists*. On Sunday, 28 June 2020, a joint theatre festival will be held by all teams with many workshops and attractions for all participating students*. Already in March HELLERAU will present “Watch Out!” at the festival. Projects by international theatre and dance companies, which are aimed at the whole family from young to old.

The projects 2020

Remi based on the novel “Never again alone” by Hector Mallot
In her stage version of Hector Mallot’s classic book for young people, the theater pedagogue and actress Rahma Ben Fredji, who comes from Tunisia, will have children with German and Arabic mother tongues perform together. It is about the story of a boy who grows up without a family and is looking for friends and a place in life.

In German and Arabic language.
Partner: Youth Art School Dresden, Bautzner Straße.
Artistic director: Rahma Ben Fredji.
Participants*: 7-14 years

Play “The galoshes of happiness” after Hans Christian Andersen, secondary school Weixdorf
In Weixdorf, the offer of the independent drama teacher Heidi Lempke to create a theatre project with the pupils is one of the few cultural offers for children and young people. For the third time now, they are taking part in the “Young Stage” project and rehearsing a play based on a fairy tale, which the pupils change with their own ideas.
As in her successful play for “Kids on Stage” 2018, Heidi Lempke’s project will again begin as an open journey from the idea for the play to its implementation.

Partners: Weixdorf High School, Alte Dresdner Straße.
Artistic director: Heidi Lempke.
Participants*: 13-15 years

Playgrounds Prohlis
An interdisciplinary range of workshops

The school and the social workers of the Association of Social Pedagogical Projects have been working together with HELLERAU for 9 years. The basic idea of “Playgrounds Prohlis” is to make the participating young people themselves the producers of a multimedia portrait of their district.

Partner: “Palitzsch-Oberschule” Dresden/Prohlis, Gamigstraße.
Artistic direction: Romy Weyrauch and Michael McCrae.
Parkour: Salim Ben Mammar
Participants*: 12-15 years

tick tick tock*
Dance theatre on the theme of time
The two choreographers would like to explore, together with the students, what meaning time has in their lives, what effect time has and what little stories it can tell.

Partners: Primary school and after-school care centre Cossebaude, Bahnhofstraße, Youth Centre Old Fire Brigade. Artistic direction: Kristin Mente and Juliane Bauer.
Participants: 7-12 years

Ich im Spiegel Dance theatre to music by Igor Stravinsky
Thanks to the active support of teachers* and parents, almost all 200 children of the primary school are involved in this choreography, which deals with the development of the child’s identity in a turbulent and joyful way.

Partner: 82nd primary school “Am Königswald”, Gertrud-Caspari-Straße.
Artistic direction: Wagner Moreira and Yeri Anarika
Participants*: 6-10 years

I wish…
Installation performance based on the youth book “The Yellow Bag” by Lygia Bojunga Nunes
“I wish…” would like to open a room in which children and young people can listen to their wishes, look at them directly, feel them and finally try them out.

Partner: Janusz-Korczak-School Dresden, Lockwitzer Straße
Concept and choreography: Helena Fernandino

Take off
Vertical Dance Performance
Who knows better than young people that love and interpersonal relationships often hang by the proverbial silk thread? This is the theme of the rope performance with young people from the educational-therapeutic residential groups of the Radebeul social projects.

Partner: Radebeuler Sozialprojekte GmbH – independent youth welfare organisation. Artistic direction: Charlotte Mehling, Franziska Kusebauch and Nico Darwich-Müller.
Participants: 12-16 years

Dance piece with live music
The choreographer and dancer Katja Erfurth and the Protestant grammar school Tha

That was Kids on Stage 2014

Friends 4.0.
A Kids on Stage project by Yeri Anarika Vargas Sanchez