Come Together

16. – 24.09.2022 Come Together

16 – 25.09.2022 Come Together

In the aftermath of the Corona crisis, our society appears more fragile and at the same time more in need of shaping than ever before. As if through a burning glass, the pandemic has heightened social and political tensions. Inevitably, a caesura in thinking and working has been ushered in, calling for a change of course in the global art and culture scene as well. With “Come Together”, HELLERAU refers to an artistic research process that tests new ways of artistic collaboration, networking and encounter with the public. The focus is on the common search for values of our coexistence and the dialogue on questions of community, care and empathy. How can art and culture contribute to well-being, mental and physical health? How can empathy skills be developed and resilience strengthened?

Trailer-Sound: Jarii van Gohl für “Compost Composing” von KOMA & Ko/Magdalena Weniger

In the context of “Come Together”, the artists Dada Masilo and Lia Rodrigues were already guests at HELLERAU in spring 2022. In September 2022, the thematic focus will culminate in a festival where further internationally renowned female choreographers will present their artistic works and put them up for discussion in the form of workshops, talks and other activities. The celebrated Scottish artist Claire Cunningham, together with her US colleague Jess Curtis, invites the audience to a moving dance dialogue, Yasmeen Godder from Israel shows three interwoven pieces that explore empathy in various forms, and Lotte Mueller from Leipzig presents her brilliant New Circus piece “IM/MOBILITY”. The Hungarian choreographer Boglarka Börcök deals with the physical effects of ageing in “Figuring Age”, while Gizem Aksu has her dancers go through the entire “Archive of Feelings”. Reut Shemesh returns to HELLERAU after her Portrait performances in autumn 2021, this time with a grim parable on the abysses of human communities. Magdalena Weniger and Agata Siniarska will take their performative actions to the Kulturgarten and the rooms of the Festspielhaus.

+ Workshops, talks, film screenings

+ Residency programme: Three further choreographers will be in residence at HELLERAU during the festival: Wen Hui, Pawel Sakowicz, Katia Manjate and Amilton Neves.

Funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon State Parliament.