Bandstand 2023

16. – 18.02.2023 Bandstand

Bandstand is back! In addition to a specialist day with a closing party and Bandstand Songcamp presentations on 16.02, Coma, Flausen & MC Dauerwelle, Joca, Moritz Simon Geist, Running Pine and UNA RAY will bring pearls of the regional music scene to the stage in the Festspielhaus on 18.02. In addition, Djs, record cases, music videos and good drinks guarantee an exhilarating Bandstand evening.


At least once a year Oh, my music!, the Dresden music publisher, organises a song camp. 2023 will take place from 15 to 17 February in HELLERAU and the results will be presented at Bandstand on 16 & 18 February. The project strengthens the community of Saxon musicians, promotes their creative processes and gives the audience unique insights into the process of song composition.

Popular music symposium

At the POP IMPULS x KREATIVES SACHSEN symposium on popular music on 16 February, representatives of nationwide pop funding institutions and Saxon initiatives will come together to exchange views on the status quo of popular music funding and to give each other impulses. In the evening, the symposium will be opened up to the entire popular music scene in Saxony with a network meeting. The evening will end musically: with a presentation of the Bandstand song camp and a concert by Musicboard residents Running Pine.

Bandstand Concerts

Various bands and music projects make the Festspielhaus rattle, vibrate, sound and light up at Bandstand 2023. New sounds and music projects will be brought to the stage by Coma, Flausen & MC Dauerwelle, Joca, Moritz Simon Geist, Running Pine and UNA RAY, creating a frenzy of electronic sounds, pop, rock and alternative music.

The presentation of the Songcamp participants, who have previously composed new music together in HELLERAU, present their brand new results. While strolling through the Festspielhaus you will also meet the disc wiper Max Rademann with his record box as well as a special sound installation by Christine Börsch-Supan and you will have the opportunity to marvel at the Bandstand music videos from 2021 and 2022 once again.

The DJ’s Coline, Rakans and Shannon Soundquist will also mix up the evening with their electronic, experimental beats.

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In cooperation with POP IMPULS 2023 , KREATIVES SACHSEN and Oh, my music!

This institution is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the
of the budget passed by the Saxon Landtag.


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