FAQ – Orientation

How do I orientate myself in the Festspielhaus HELLERAU?
The Festspielhaus is divided into East and West. On the east side (on the right hand side when entering the house) you will find the box office, cloakroom and ladies’ toilet, the pastamanufactory and the side stage east on the ground floor. Also the Dalcroze Hall, as well as the East Corner Salon and East Studio on the first floor. On the west side you will find the men’s toilet, a disabled toilet and a second cloakroom at ground level. On the west side there are the Nancy Spero Hall on the ground floor, the Music Room, the Corner Salon West and the Studio West on the upper floor. The Great Hall is located in the middle and extends over two floors. The south gallery is on the 1st floor, access is via both staircases.

Where can I find more information about the event?
At the box office you will receive evening slips for our events with further information on the artists, companies and other events. As a rule, after every first event there will be an audience discussion with the artists*. This will be indicated in the programme.
For selected events, we also offer additional literature for viewing and sale.