10.09. — 07.10.2023 Jochen Stankowski — My Name is Human — 75 years of human rights

On the Day of the Open Monument, 10.09.2023, 11:00 —  17:00 h, our Werkbund member Jochen Stankowski will open the exhibition “My Name is Man” and will on view till the 07.10. in the Festspielhaus Hellerau.

Human rights are the basis of society and are the guideline and standard for the coexistence of people. For the state and politics, human rights are the foundation of their actions and their responsibility towards all citizens. And just as the state and its representatives must base their actions on these maxims, citizens must also be guided by them in their dealings with the community and, above all, with all others. Thus, human rights are the basis of living together, they are the protection of the individual against the omnipotence of the state, but also the protection of citizens against the encroachments of their fellow human beings. The exhibition uses an abbreviated German translation of the UN Universal Declaration that has been revised in a way that is sensitive to discrimination.

The exhibition is open one hour before the start of a performance (Thursday starting 17:00 h, Friday + Saturday starting 19:00 h)

Jochen Stankowski, born in 1940, is a printer, photographer, graphic designer and painter. He trained as a typographer and worked for a long time as a partner in the studio of his uncle Anton Stankowski, one of the pioneers of brand aesthetics of the 20th century and teacher for a whole generation of graphic designers.

Picking up on a word by Vilém Flusser, Jochen Stankowski sees himself as a sign maker, one who produces signs and is thus reminiscent of the writer or the showman, but also associates himself with the trapper. Indeed, Jochen Stankowski sets traps for everyday life: visual traps for the public. One sees the previously unseen, the sign maker helps with orientation and in bringing things to the social light of day. His visual vocabulary ranges from photography and free drawing to constructivist work oriented towards Malevich, Lissitzky or Rodchenko.