9841 – A memorial for Johann Rukeli Trollmann

The sculpture “9841” was erected on the grounds of the Festspielhaus in 2012 by the artist group BEWEGUNG NURR. It commemorates Johann “Rukeli” Trollmann, the German light heavyweight boxing champion of 1933, who was persecuted and murdered as a Sinto under National Socialism. NURR wrote: “In the media, politics and everyday consciousness, prejudices about Sinti and Roma are constantly repeated. In the fight against racism and antiziganism, no one should sit back”.

“A boxing ring lowered at the corners. No support in it. Boxing gloves intertwined, serving as restraints instead of attack and defence. Children love to climb into this boxing ring and abandon themselves to gravity. They run up, but the slope of the floor keeps them running down. It’s a game for them. With their sculpture of a steel boxing ring with a concrete surface, the artist group BEWEGUNG NURR , consisting of Alekos Hofstetter, Christian Steuer and Florian Göpfert, has created a memorial to an extraordinary Sinto-German boxer who was denied success and social advancement under National Socialism.

Monument 9841 was inaugurated in Dresden on 19 October 2012. Originally planned as a temporary memorial for six weeks, it still stands in the eastern outdoor area of the Festspielhaus Hellerau together with a plaque providing information about Johann Rukeli Trollmann. It is freely accessible to any:n visitor:in.” Frauke Wetzel

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Radio report: Wolfgang Trollmann (nephew of Rukeli Trollmann) as guest at RomAmor


The artists' collective BEWEGUNG NURR

Das Künstlerkollektiv BEWEGUNG NURR wurde 1989 von Alekos Hofstetter, Christian Steuer und Daniel H. Wild in Dresden gegründet. 1996 bis 2008 arbeitete die BEWEGUNG NURR in der Konstellation Alekos Hofstetter, Christian Steuer, Lokiev Stoof. Seit 2011 ist der Dresdner Künstler Florian Göpfert Mitglied der BEWEGUNG NURR. 2003 gründete die BEWEGUNG NURR die Künstlerinitative S-FOR und arbeitet hier u.a. mit den Künstlern Tina Born, Alen Hebilovic, Sven Kalden, Andreas Koch und Christine Weber zusammen.