time & s_pace Musik 2022/23

Muddy green tones, earthy vocals and bassy sounds – this is what you can expect as the sound of ZWEATLANA in 2022.

The musician and producer released the “MINTY DREAMS” EP in 2021, which drew a disturbing pastel landscape with mystical choral vocals, angry vocals and trappy beats, which also visually takes the listener into pink-tiled bathrooms, poisoned roses and the waiting halls of the Leipzig train station.

Live on stage, a loop station creates astonishing soundscapes of choirs, noises, synthesizers and piano, which ZWEATLANA twists into complex sound structures and, with her unmistakable voice, turns into a musical production that can be experienced on stage.

In 2022 ZWEATLANA won a prize at the “Pop Music Competition” of Kreatives Sachsen in the category “New Artists on Saxony’s Stages” and was on tour through Saxony in May/June.

Duration: 30 Min.

Following the performance, a party with DJ M.over will take place in the Dalcroze Hall.