Yes! Yes! Yes! The TV Show!

AuditivVokal Dresden with Hans-Jochim Hespos & Ole Hübner

DTzM Uraufführung Musik 2022/23
Foto: pdsci

A choral theatre about mass, power and mea – Premiere

Singing together makes you happy! However, this promise of happiness is not entirely unclouded: one is externally determined when the conductor once again has the last word – and devotion to a community often goes hand in hand with giving up individual freedom. This is true for the classical concert choir – but is it so fundamentally different in the solo vocal ensemble specialising in contemporary music?

In the music theatre “Yes! Yes! Yes! the concert choir of the Europa Chor Akademie Görlitz and the vocal ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden compete against each other in the format of a game show, based on the claim to combine individual and collective in their own “singing system” in the best possible way. They will be challenged by the youth choir Heidenau. The choir raises the question of what holds choral singing together at its core – and, together with a prominent panel of experts, observes the two ensembles as they search for answers to the singing games composed by Hans-Joachim Hespos and Ole Hübner.

Co-production with HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in the framework of the 31st Dresden Contemporary Music Days and the Europa Chorakademie Görlitz