With these hands

Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (DE), Jan Bang (NO) & Ensemble Modern (DE)


Musik Tanz
Foto: DominikMentzos, Grafik: Panikos Polyviou

The Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company, which has been able to further expand its international reputation under its artistic director Jacopo Godani, has been building an important cultural bridge between the cities of Frankfurt and Dresden for years. In “With these hands”, which the dancers are staging together with the Ensemble Modern, the means of improvisation determine the overall concept: in this way, a new dialogue between music and dance emerges in each performance. The performers play the impulses to each other and develop sounds and movements that are recorded, processed, changed and reintroduced into the action by the Norwegian jazz musician and live electronics engineer Jan Bang. This creates a slowly changing stream of movement and music in which sound and dance are inextricably interwoven.

EXPERIENCE: Improvisations-Tanzworkshops

Sa. 10.07. EXPERIENCE: Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company
12:00 for professionals
14:00 for all

Registration to workshop@hellerau.org