We’re used to being darker

go plastic Company (DE)

Premiere | public discussion 23.10. | Meeting Portikus 15 minutes before - then performance in the Hellerau sports restaurant / bowling alley

Tanz Performance
Foto: Stephan Tautz

New production by go plastic company under the artistic direction of choreographer and dancer Cindy Hammer and dramaturge Susan Schubert deals with the structures, dynamics and characteristics of a social design under deprivation of liberty: the women’s prison. Starting from a story interpreted by 10 very different female actors*. The original bowling alley in the Hellerauer Sporttreff serves as a platform for the presentation, where the respective performer not only presents her “story”, but also brings it to life. What restrictions are we looking for ourselves? What limits, what liberates and what empowers us? The attraction lies in the transfer of the inner perception of “limitation” through an “outside”, into today’s “movement space”, which seems almost unlimited. It is possible for us at any time to be almost everywhere. (Simple) To be everything.