+++ only online +++ undsonstso #94

Meetup of Dresden's cultural and creative industries


Friends, colleagues, dear neighbourhood,

unfortunately our quiet hopes for a May-undsonstso under the open sky in the cultural garden Hellerau have not been fulfilled. In our thoughts we are there : ) (And hope that maybe this summer there will be another chance for an outdoor-undsonstso there in the green).

But of course we only cried into our undsonstso team pillow for a short time this time, too, and then rolled up our sleeves right away to launch another digital undsonstso #94 on May 7, 2020. We have invited an exciting panel of women who have launched two new cultural and creative industry networks here in the city in the last few months: the Literaturnetz Dresden and SALOON Dresden, a network for women in the visual arts scene. Associations, communities, gangs, which will certainly become even more important, especially in these difficult times, for cultural and creative workers in the city to be seen and heard with their works, products and services, with their needs and requirements. What future plans these two networks are forging beyond Corona, more of that next Thursday!

We will stream the undsonstso #94 again via Twitch from 20:15 on. But this time: LIVE! (Woohooo – we’re already pretty excited.) And of course with better picture quality than last time. Scout’s honor!

See you – we are looking forward to seeing you!


// Literature network Dresden

Dresden has a dense and broad-based literary scene. With around 60 organisers and far more authors, numerous projects are created every year, which testify to a great deal of creativity and commitment and make literature in the city tangible. The Literaturnetz Dresden was created to demonstrate this diversity and create synergies in the Dresden literary scene. With a website as a digital contact point, the literary creators want to use the advantages of digital development and strengthen Dresden as a literary location. On these pages we present what Dresden has to offer in the way of literature. In addition to informative details, the liveliness of the scene is highlighted in the calendar of events and through interactive content.

// SALOON Dresden

The SALOON is a network for women in the art scene. In addition to female curators and artists, there are journalists and women working in galleries, museums and universities. The aim of the network is to increase the visibility of female protagonists of art and to initiate new projects, exhibitions or other forms of cooperation. The Saloon 2012 was founded by Tina Sauerländer in Berlin. The network currently exists in Barcelona, Brussels, Hamburg, London, Paris, Prague, Tel Aviv, Vienna – and since summer 2019 also in Dresden.