Tinted House

time & s_pace Musik 2022/23
Foto: Robert Arnold

Tinted House is a five-piece band with members from the USA, UK, and Germany. The sound is one that is both psychedelic and dreamy, with a sly narrative voice paving out a dark, yet tender world. In February 2021 they released their debut album “Heavens”, which made them travel at least digitally to Helsinki Psych Fest. The heart of the band are the great narrations and the voice of the American Carina Hajek, shimmering in dark velvet, and the playing of the Dresden guitarist Johannes Till. The songs on “Heavens” can be described as dark, very gently slanted dream pop, to which the semi-antique keyboards of Ludwig Bauer (formerly of Polarkreis 18, Woods of Birnam) add a wondrous psychedelic touch. Sunset music that welcomes the night like a dear old friend.