The Walks

Rimini Protokoll (Haug/Kaegi/ Puschke/Wetzel)

“The Walks is an app for a series of audio walks by Rimini Protokoll. Each walk is a short audio play for a specific place in your city and an invitation to rediscover and interact with your surroundings. To do an audio walk yourself, all you need is about 20 minutes. Go whenever you want. You can decide how many walks you want to do and in which order.
The stories and sound worlds of the short audio plays can be experienced worldwide. In this way, “The Walks” connects people around the globe in a local experience through a fundamental human action: walking.

With the Corona pandemic, walking in public space took on a new meaning. An ancient and everyday ritual became a central part of the new normal: people meeting, walking, strolling through neighbourhoods, playing in landscapes and perceiving their surroundings anew with every walk.

“The Walks” understands walking as a theatrical scenario: an audio-guided walk in parks, a staged walk in supermarkets or timed interactions on riverbanks. In each city, voices, sounds and music turn familiar places into settings and landscapes into stages step by step: through narratives, dialogue situations, choreographic explorations or musical-rhythmic variations of walking. The title of each walk tells you where or how it will be performed: “Walk for a Cemetery”, “Walk by the Water” or “Walk around a Traffic Island”.

Download (as of 24 July 2021)

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We are giving away 1000 free access codes to the app for your individual walk. If you are interested, simply contact our visitor centre by email or by phone +49 351 264 62 0.