Doris Uhlich (AT)

As a part of TANZPAKT Dresden | Audience discussion afterwards


TANK is a solo performance by Doris Uhlich in collaboration with Boris Kopeinig on the subject of the human body and new technologies. At the center of the performance stands a tank built by the Berlin collective Proper Space. In the tank, the body can be shown as a field of experimentation and as an object of modification. This motif – known from science fiction, which repeatedly appears as a scenic representation of body modifications from Test Tube Girls in the 1950s to films such as Alien: Resurrection – usually symbolizes the isolation of unknown and dangerous life forms. In Doris Uhlich’s performance, the tank is becoming a place of study and experimentation on body transformations.

The piece has a cinematic, pictorial character, and the body material evolves from cinematic, robotic, biotechnological and medical association chain. TANK is a performance about technological promises of happiness, about the future of the body, its austerity, but also its decisivness. With its transparent walls, the tank appears as a magnifying glass in which a dynamic and elastic space for reflection opens up.