Adele*Mike Dittrich Frydetzki/Die Soziale Fiktion

IN ZUNGEN: Hex*en Haufen Konsens

Erbstücke Performance Premiere 2022/23

Who are the witches of today? At which piles do we gather for rituals? How can we celebrate consensuality? “IN ZUNGEN: Hex*en Haufen Konsens” is the performative reshaping of the Lusatian spring custom “Hexenbrennen” (Upper Sorbian: Chodojtypalenje).  

The title-giving TONGUES are method and material: It is spoken in different languages, fabulated about origins and traditional and the sweat is licked from the fire-warm skin. The audience is invited to a counter-ritual in which the performers become the witches who were not burned. Instead, witches in drag lead through the evening, telling of mythological ancestors and everyday magic. With the feminist Sorbian rap kolektiw Klanki and a space-consuming installation for touching and hanging out, a maelstrom of stories and textures is created, culminating in a burning pile.


Duration: 90 min.

Language: mainly German, short passages in Sorbian and English

One hour before the performance starts, there is a tactile tour for blind and visually impaired audience.
Ten minutes before the performance there is a possibility for early boarding.

Integrated audio description on all days of the event.

Further dates: 25. – 27.05. LOFFT – DAS THEATER Leipzig

Accessibility information for wheelchair users: The performance will take place inside and then on the forecourt of the theater. The move outside will be on a level accessible route.

Notes on content: increased volume, descriptions of sexualized violence possible, phases of total darkness possible

DIE SOZIALE FIKTION is currently the collaboration of Adele Mike Dittrich Frydetzki, Felix Worpenberg and Marty Damour, which was founded during their joint studies of cultural studies & aesthetic practice in Hildesheim. For the past 10 years, DSF has been developing theater performances, site-specific artistic formats as well as audio pieces and event formats such as festivals and workshops in changing constellations and collaborative contexts. For “IN ZUNGEN:Hex*en Haufen Konsens” the collective structure branches out and becomes three teams, into each of which further collaborators from visual art, design, music and performance were invited.

Team Hex*en:
Marty Damour (performance), Lars JustLarsReally (performance), Sophia Ziesch (live sound design & music), Kolektiw Klanki (song)

Team Haufen:
Haia Iggi Auslander (costume), Lisa Legain (graphics & scenography), Raiko Sànchez (scenography), Kristin Feldmann (light)

Team Konsens:
Felix Worpenberg (finance), Mariam Nazaryan (organization), Melmun Bajarchuu (discourses & accesses)

Pernille Sonne (Beratung Audiodeskription), Alexander Hahne (Workshop Konsens & Intimitätskoordination), Tori Shiro (Pole Dance Mentoring), Liz Rosenfeld (PAP-Mentoring)

“IN ZUNGEN:Hex*en Haufen Konsens” is a production of DIE SOZIALE FIKTION under the artistic direction of Adele Mike Dittrich Frydetzki in co-production with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts and LOFFT – DAS THEATER with support through residencies in Les Subsistances (Lyon, France) and Schloss Bröllin. With thanks to TWIKX- Theaterwerkstatt im Kontor80, Leipzig. Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR, the City of Leipzig – Cultural Office and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. This measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament. The residency of the project IN ZUNGEN – HEX*EN HAUFEN KONSENS (AT) is funded by the program Kultur Schloss Bröllin 2023. The residency program of schloss bröllin e.V. is funded by the Ministry of Science, Culture, Federal and European Affairs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the County of Vorpommern-Greifswald.