Slow Billie Scan

Analivia Cordeiro

2023/24 Tanz HYBRID Digital Arts

As a pioneer of video and computer art, Analivia Cordeiro has been exploring the relationships between body, movement, audiovisual art and media art since the early 1970s. Her seminal 1973 work “M3x3” is internationally recognized as one of the first dance choreographies conceived specifically for video and using computer notations. Cordeiro’s work “Slow Billie Scan” will be on view during Ensemble Resonanz’s guest performance in the Nancy Spero Hall at HELLERAU.

Performers: Analivia Cordeiro and Lali Krotoszynski
Choreography: Analivia Cordeiro
Production: Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS, São Paulo, Brazil
Direction of photography: Produtora Video Verso
Music: Don´t explain interpreted by Billie Holiday
Editing: Produtora Video Verso

“Slow Billie Scan” is a cooperation with ZKM Karlsruhe in the framework of HYBRID.