shift change. SCHICHTWECHSEL

Irina Pauls (DE)

Performance Tanz

WORK. Physical requirements. The cycle determines the work process. A pulsation and vibration. A precision. Immediate. Body knowledge comes from repetition. History beyond museum thinking. Radical change. Current perspectives. From transmission belt to portable computer. The body as measure. HUMAN.

The project “shift change. SCHICHTWECHSEL” deals with the traces of textile industrial work in the Leipzig cotton spinning mill and in Saxony. It examines the changes in the world of work between the end of the 1980s and the present. The individual stories and experiences of the protagonists then and now become the medium of artistic work. All of the artists are women, all come from Leipzig and all of them deal with the change of working and living worlds.

Read more in the HELLERAU magazine: Leonie Kusterer, artistic adviser in HELLERAU, spoke with choreographer Irina Pauls about her new piece “shift change. SHIFT CHANGE.

Irina Pauls – Choreography/Director & Artistic Director: has created more than 80 of her own works to date, including numerous dance pieces, performances in public space, music theatre and acting productions; first engagement in 1985 as ballet director at the Landestheater Altenburg; founded the TanzTheater am Schauspiel Leipzig in 1990 and from 1998 onwards directed the dance section at the Staatstheater Oldenburg, followed by the theatres in Heidelberg and Freiburg; as choreographer works include for the Ballet Panfilow Perm, the Theatre Thessaloniki, the CoisCéim Dance Theatre in Dublin, the Moradokmai Theatre Company Thailand; numerous workshops worldwide; in recent times development of site-specific performances and productions with the approach of the synthesis of body, music and language; since 2011 teaching positions at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Leipzig (HMT) and at the University Mozarteum Salzburg; founding member of the Saxon Academy of Arts and the German Werkbund Saxony.