Ready to Fail / Impro or Die!

Alexander „Kelox“ Miller and Philip „Lehmi“ Lehmann, The Saxonz (DE) Tabea Zeigner, Krishan Zeigner

Tanz Musik

“The Saxonz” are an association of some of the best breakdance dancers in Saxony. After their foundation in 2013 they established themselves at the top of the German breakdance scene and became German Champions at the “Battle of the Year” in 2014, 2015 and 2019. In 2016 they received the art award of the Hanna Johannes Arras Foundation.

In HELLERAU the format “Floor on Fire” is especially popular, with Saxonz acting as co-hosts. Now two dancers of the collective, Kelox and Lehmi, meet the Dresden musicians Tabea and Krishan Zeigner, who play in different formations (e.g. Triozean, Banda Internationale, Feindrehstar, Degele Quartet).

In the unusual combination of classical and jazz music with urban dance improvisations they spontaneously develop new creations and invite the audience to this unique encounter.