Circus performance by the collective still hungry

Performance 2021/22

RAVEN will be presented as a replacement guest performance instead of the postponed ballet evening by the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company in cooperation with the Societaetstheater Dresden and the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company. RAVEN takes place as the first prelude to the circus theatre festival “Empire of Fools”, which will be presented by the Societaetstheater in Dresden from 17 to 26 June 2022.

“Heroes. Rock ‘n‘ Roll goddesses.” The Circus Diaries

 “An excellent hour of circus, physical theatre, and dance digging into what the performers gave up, and what they refuse to let go of.” Broadway Baby

RAVEN is award-winning contemporary circus in search of liberation from the social pressure of motherhood. Borrowing from the German term “Rabenmutter” (“Raven mother”, a selfish, neglecting mother) the performers paint a candid picture of complex emotional contradictions. With acrobatics and dance, movement and language, they grapple with the various challenges of their own motherhood. In the process, mistakes are not only made visible, but are also open to hearty laughter.

The personal experiences of Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries and Romy Seibt remain at the heart of the performance and lend Raven much of its honesty and vulnerability, as well as its lightness, humor, and charm. The performers take the liberty of regretting it all, only to shout out how much they love it all in the very next moment. This inner conflict becomes all the more clear, when Anke, Lena and Romy create chaos in feathery Raven jackets, loudly challenging the status quo and inviting us to question any preconceived notions we may have about working mothers, women, and circus performers. Raven thus becomes a powerful examination of a problem that has preoccupied societies around the world for generations – and which Corona makes even more relevant.

RAVEN won multiple awards at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.


Duration: 55 minutes

Co-writers and performers Anke van Engelshoven, Lena Ries, Romy Seibt

Co-directed by Rachel Hameleers

Creative support Bryony Kimmings

Producer Anke Politz

Lighting Design Dennis Nähr

Costume design Odile Hautemulle

Set design Daniele Drobny

Produced by Chamäleon Berlin