Rapid Cycling – Das bildest du dir nur ein

JuWie Dance Company (DE)

world premiere

Tanz Theater
Bildmotiv für die Produktion „Rapid Cycling“ der JuWie Dance Company, fotografiert am 28. Mai 2019 an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HfBK) Dresden. Tanz: Jule Oeft Kostüm: Tom Schellmann und Swantje Silber Foto: André Wirsig

The life course of a person – diagnosis of bipolar disorder – appears in the condensed form of a theatre evening like a constant up and down. In “Rapid Cycling”, JuWie DC examines various realities of “perception” on the roller coaster ride of the moods of an affected person. At what point are mood swings “sick”? How functional does a person have to be? Everything a question of perspective? A small interactive exhibition complements the artistic approach to the subject.

The JuWie Dance Company was founded in April 2013 by dancers Wiebke Bickhardt and Jule Oeft. In its pieces, the company combines urgent social questions with individual associations and a personal approach to the themes. It uses the means of improvisation and contemporary dance theatre as well as being inspired by impulses from other artistic genres. The company pursues the approach of radical grace and graceful radicality in the choice of themes, artistic means and personal commitment. Since their inception, they have collaborated with the puppetry company Cie. Freaks und Fremde on both large and small projects. They have also collaborated with the La_Trottier Dance Collective, composer John Moran and choreographer Yaron Shamir.