PORTRAITS – HELLERAU Photography Award 2018


18:00 Vernissage with festive award ceremony of the Residenzpreis 2019 in HELLERAU | from 20:00 award ceremony of the 1st to 3rd prizes in the Pumpenhaus, Marienbrücke


The first year of the PORTRAITS – HELLERAU Photography Awards competition under the jury leadership of Carena Schlewitt has been successfully completed. Once again, hundreds of photographers from all over the world have chosen HELLERAU Photography for their

the exhibitions in Dresden and HELLERAU. This year there will be a double vernissage: At 6 pm Carena Schlewitt opens the shortlist exhibition for the Residenzpreis in HELLERAU. Here, artistic positions of photographers from Great Britain, Russia, Iran, the USA and Germany will be exhibited, among which the Residence Prize winner(s) will be chosen for the opening of the exhibition in 2019. At 8.30 p.m., the Great PORTRAITS Annual Exhibition will open at the Pumpenhaus an der Marienbrücke (Devrientstraße) with contributions from Italy, Slovakia, France, Austria and more than twenty contemporary contributions from Germany, among others, and the Afershowparty will open with the presentation of the 1st to 3rd prizes.

Duration: 07.03. – 22.04.2019

Opening hours HELLERAU:
Sat/Sun 14:00 – 18:00 as well as on event days open 2h before and 1h after the performance.

Opening hours Pumpenhaus: