Portrait of a Ghost

Hecke/Rauter/CFM (DE)

Theater Installation

Together with the sound artist CFM, the theatre makers Hecke/Rauter dedicate themselves to the performance of a world that has bid farewell to physically present bodies. They create a sound landscape in a spatial and object installation and invite the audience to search for traces of a doubting stream of conciousness. Acoustically isolated, they encounter body fragments and disembodied voices that tell of the legacy and utopia, the lust and displeasure that accompany the experience of corporeality.

“Portrait of a Ghost” is the audio-visual echo chamber of human life in which one tries to capture one’s own disappearance for a moment.

Alisa Hecke and Julian Rauter realize interdisciplinary projects between theatre and visual arts; multi-layered text structures, sound or image collages in which the perception and attribution of lifeless and living, moving and motionless (stage) bodies and objects are worked on. The visual and sound artist Cornelia Friederike Müller creates (sound) images and installations that question familiar concepts and contexts of social life or trace the poetry of everyday life.