Pflanzen-Klang-Parkour im Kulturgarten

Ulrike Gärtner, Albrecht Scharnweber („Pflanzen-Klang-Labor“) mit der 84. Grundschule Hellerau

Premiere Young Stage Familie Kulturgarten 2021/22

Anyone moving through the Festspielhaus Cultural Garden can experience the growth and decay of plants acoustically and visually. Children from the 84th primary school in Hellerau invite you on a journey of discovery through a plant-sound parkour and show what they have developed together with the PflanzenKlangLabor (Gärtner/Scharnweber) in terms of plant sounds and moving sound images.

Duration: 1 h



Artistic direction: Ulrike Gärtner, Albrecht Scharnweber (PflanzenKlangLabor)

Participants: 7-12 years

We would like to thank the Freundeskreis HELLERAU e.V. for their kind support.