Parasite Village

Late Night Set from Keyvan Chemirani & Yannis Kyriakides

DTzM Musik 2022/23

Let’s figure out

Ways to hope

Ways to love

We are living in one of the greatest species extinctions in history. But not only species, also sounds, languages and music are disappearing. The project «EXT INC / REMEMBER ME» of the transtraditional concert series «Outernational» traces these processes together with the composers Aida Shirazi and Emre Dündar and two world premieres. Emre Dündar has written a «Fakelore» that approaches various folklore traditions of the Turkish-Greek region. The young Iranian composer Aida Shirazi opens the evening with a solo performance for crickets and electronics and refers in her composition to Walt Whitman’s «This Compost» – a text that evokes the living in the acceptance of death. With Vivaldi’s «La Folia» – a motif composed many times in music history – the evening hovers over the abyss of history before ending in hope with the second part of Aida Shirazi’s new composition.

«When we think about the future, we should start from the feelings. Feelings are from the future. (…) If I listen to music today that moves me at my core, tomorrow I may have empathy for a seabird or a hedgehog in the garden. Empathy is the first step in feeling connected to other, non-human things.» Timothy Morton in VAN Outernational

The evening will be introduced by an «Outernational Listening Session», for which the philosopher and biologist Andreas Weber has written an essay on the topic, which will be heard for the first time in a sound space by Kirsten Reese. Weber himself writes:

»If butterflies are the crystallized form of the inner feeling that fills the world, then they will go away if we deny that this feeling exists. The denial of soul is the most tragic mistake of Western civilization.« Andreas Weber

Thank you! Musikfonds e.V. & Allianz Foundation

Parasite Village program of the evening

19:00 hr

Andreas Weber & Kirsten Reese

Essay Performance

free admission


20:00 hr


17/8€ – VVK from 01.03.


22:00 hr

Keyvan Chemirani & Yannis Kyriakides)

late night set

Admission free

Yannis Kyriakides was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1969 , emigrated to Britain 1975 and has been living in the Netherlands since 1992. He studied musicology at York University, and later composition with Louis Andriessen. He received a PhD from Leiden University on his thesis ‘Imagined Voices’.

As a composer and sound artist he looks for ways of creating new forms and hybrids of media. In the last years his work has been exploring different relations between words & music, both in concert compositions and installations through the use of systems of encoding information into sound, synthesizing voices and projected text.

His has written over one hundred and fifty compositions, comprising mostly of music theatre, audiovisual installations and electroacoustic works for chamber and large ensembles. Prizes have included the Gaudeamus prize, the French Qwartz award, the International Rostrum of Composers prize and recently the Johan Wagenaar prize for his entire oevre.

He founded and runs the record label ‘Unsounds’, is a member of the ensemble Maze, and teaches composition at the Royal Conservatory, The Hague.

Aida Shirazi, Composer, Electronics
Emre Dündar, Composer, Midi Piano
Miguel Pérez Iñesta, Conductor

Andreas Arend, Theorbo
James Banner, Bass
Szilard Benes, Clarinet
Rebecca Beyer, Violin
David-Maria Gramse, Violin
Emil Kuyumcuyan, Percussion
Vladimir Waltham, Cello

Elisa Erkelenz, Curation & Dramaturgy

In cooperation with Outernational

Sponsored by: Goethe-Institut, Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation and Allianz Foundation.

Media partner: VAN Outernational.