Open Studio

Caroline Kapp & Katarína Marková

2023/24 Open Studio Residenz

During their residency, Caroline Kapp and Katarína Marková examine the tactical body as a military-historical term for a group of fighters who act as a closed body in tactical operations. The individual fighters are integrated in a way, that they no longer make their own decisions about their movement. Was this combat strategy a form of radical cooperation?

Since 2020, uniformed soldiers have been sitting on trains free of charge. We meet them at the checkout at Lidl in Brno, on the way to the post office in Bratislava. Are they tactical bodies? The encounters with soldiers in non-military spaces are sorted, stored and analyzed performatively. The Festspielhaus itself, as a former Nazi police school and Red Army base, also becomes an object of investigation.

In the Open Studio, Caroline Kapp and Katarína Marková give an insight into their research process.

Duration: ca. 1 h
Language: German

Registration for the Open Studio:
Janka Dold, Residency Program