Open Studio

Ausstellung & Gespräche mit the guts company

Open Studio 2021/22

Sat 25.09.2021 14:00 – 17:00, Sun 26.09.2021 16:00 – 19:00, Nancy Spero Hall, HELLERAU With their TANZPAKT Dresden research grant, Benjamin Schindler and Johanna Roggan traveled to Poznan/PL in August 2020 to interview people of different biographies about their experiences with human rights. Questions about powerlessness, subversion and self-empowerment strategies were the focus. Further interviews followed later digitally in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, France and Germany. The result was a collection of very different stories, anecdotes, thoughts and concerns. In September 2020, a working stage could be shown live at the Societaetstheater. This was followed by a residency without presence in Prague/Bazaar Festival in October. The video work (Benjamin Schindler) shows the different stations and aggregate states of the ongoing research work under the title MACHT#2 – the skin until autumn 2020. On Saturday (25.09.) Johanna Roggan will be present live to talk about further stations, obstacles, experiences and further developments of the project. She will also provide insights into the current research of the guts company and invite for exchange and conversation. You can also experience Lukas Pohlmann’s audio walk work on MACHT#2, a skin color memory by Bettina Kletzsch and video miniatures by Benjamin Schindler.