Dimitri de Perrot

In cooperation with DAVE Festival for Club Culture

Installation Performance

A journey to what lies between us

NIEMANDLAND is an immersive space, permeated by a driving composition of sounds and noises from everyday life. In this “disco of everyday life” the audience can move freely: there are no audience seats, no stage and no performers. It is a place for participatory surprise, reflection and inspiration.

A no man’s land lies between two or more defined and assigned zones. Often fallow land is created there, nature thrives without human intervention, a habitat that rarely exists today. For his latest creation, Dimitri de Perrot explores the qualities of no man’s land as a space of freedom.

As a DJ in his youth, he made people dance practically every weekend in clubs and bars. His social and artistic ambition was to get people to dance to music they didn’t know or never thought they would ever dance to. In the process, he experienced unique moments of fulfilment and joy, with a group of people suddenly united by the feeling of having discovered something intimate, an inner space, something hidden that they could share with others. Like a DJ, he now invites the audience to a “party of everyday life” in the theatre with NIEMANDSLAND: But there are no audience seats, no stage and no performers. All that is there is sound, space and the audience – in other words, us.

“If acceleration is the problem, then perhaps resonance is the solution.” This is the much quoted diagnosis of the German sociologist Hartmut Rosa on the present time. De Perrot’s creation takes its course – through the presence of those present. Exploring and experiencing in a supposedly empty biotope awakens spirits and reflection. Questions of living together in a world that we recognise as reality push to the centre: As traditional certainties, as firmly established systems of thought. But what happens when these are set in motion and freed from their limitations? When space seemingly begins to breathe?

NIEMANDSLAND plays with the ambivalence of banal lightness and everyday seriousness, of looking at one’s own and at the common.

The play is a 60-minute loop for a maximum of 40 people per repetition. The audience can join it on the hour. With NIEMANDSLAND, de Perrot moves in an “in-between” of theatre, concert, installation and party.

On tour, local DJs and musicians will be invited to perform live in NIEMANDSLAND. In cooperation with the DAVE Festival for Club Culture, we are very pleased to announce the following artists:

23.10. Rakans (Rawmatique – Dresden) – More info

29. & 31.10. Coline (Pressure Vibes / Dresden) – More info

30.10. Shannon Soundquist (Prozecco, Femtek) – More info


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