experiencing time PASSING. An audio piece for walking.

Barbara Lubich & Anna Till

time & s_pace Performance 2022/23

Take a seat and listen.

When do I have time? Can one possess time at all? And when does time stand still? “Experiencing time PASSING” invites you to consider different ways of perceiving time. Barbara Lubich and Anna Till have asked people of all ages and professions about their experiences with time. Combined with literary texts and sound design, these voices have their say in the audio piece.

If you don’t have time, take a postcard with you.
That way you can listen to the audio piece on your next walk: Via the QR code, “experiencing time PASSING” is accessible at any time.


Duration: 44 min.

Open both days from the beginning of the first event of the day until the end of the last event.

Idea & Research & Artistic Direction: Barbara Lubich & Anna Till Editing: Barbara Lubich, Anna Till, Nora Otte

Sound design & music: Nikolaus Woernle

Texts: Ulrike Feibig, Juliana Oliveira, Ferdinand Vicončaij

Narrator: Yoshii Riesen

Voice direction: Nora Otte

Interlocutors:inside (to be heard): Dirk Baecker, Karin Hildebrand, Tecla Lubich, Minna Mulik, Brigitte and Heinz Till, Kerstin Till, Peter Till, Sandra Umathum, Magdalena Weniger Further interlocutors:inside: Liliana Celadon, Claudio Lubich, Roswitha Maul, Beatrice Uber, Lutz Peschel

Photography: Martin Mulik

Design: Konstanze Grotkopp

Production management: Bettina Lehmann

Production assistance: Daniela Sopala

Production guest performance: Charlotte Keck

Graphic design: Idealplus / Matthias Marx

Code: BTSA / Kay Schober

Distribution: TILL&LUBICH

experiencing time PASSING is a production of situation productions 2021.

Supported by Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR. With the kind support of Zentralwerk e.V., Nytt Materialdepot and TanzNetzDresden.