Patrik Lazić

2023/24 FastForward Theater
Photo: Milena Arsenić

“I love you just the way you are.” – Where does this self-understanding of accepting each other unconditionally exist? Patrik Lazić’s production is about a key moment in the relationship between parents and their adult homosexual son. In a play with fiction and reality, Lazić shares with the audience the process of an emancipation: full of comedy, irony, hurts, fears and missed opportunities. “OUR SON” premiered in 2022 as part of Euro Pride at the Belgrade production house Heartefact.

Duration: ca. 1 h 30 min
Language: Serbian with German and English surtitles

Tickets can be purchased through Staatsschauspiel Dresden.

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Patrik Lazić, b. 1995, graduate in Directing from the Theatre Department of the University of Arts in Belgrade, first staged our son at the Belgrade producing house Heartefact, a play strongly influenced by his own biography. The play is about a key moment in the relationship between parents and their adult, homosexual son. In a delicate and intimate game with fiction and reality, Lazić shares the process of an emancipation with the audience. It’s a situation that everyone somehow knows, so similar and yet so different: full of comedy, irony, jokes, full of hurt, fears, missed chances, full of perplexity and unexpected insights.

With: Dragana Varagić, Aleksandar Đinđić, Amar Ćorović
Text & Direction: Patrik Lazić
Design: Patrik Lazić
Production Management: Aleksandra Lozanović
Production: Heartefact
Photos: Milena Arsenić, Marija Erdelji, Ida K. Rosanda (Portrait Patrik Lazić)