Nano Giants

Polymer DMT/ Fang Yun Lo

Premiere | Dancing About Proportions

Tanz Familie

A single bamboo breaks easily in the wind – but many bamboo sticks together can withstand any storm.

Six people from four countries – Germany, Taiwan, France and Indonesia. They all have their own world, where they make music, draw or dance, where they work and dream, where fish fly through the air or things are very big or very small. These are beautiful worlds, magical and spacious. And everyone can do something that the others can’t.

But the most exciting thing is to explore each other’s worlds. Because there is a lot to discover and learn here. Together we become even bigger and more colorful. No matter how small or insignificant the individual may be – together we are all giants.

“Nano Giants” is a journey through a theatrical wonderland where we explore the value of community. It’s about simple but fundamental questions of human life: are we small or big, in relation to what and whom? What can we do alone, what only together? Do we move or are we moved?

“Nano Giants” is contemporary dance theater for young, old and everyone in between. Four dancers with special skills, from hiphop to dance theater, contemporary circus to parcour, share the stage with a musician and a graphic artist who conjures up ever new images live on stage.

“Nano Giants” is a dance/performance piece for young audiences ages 4 and up.

Fang Yun Lo studied dance in Taipei and dance and choreography at the Folkwang University in Essen. She works as a performer and develops her own choreographic projects, since 2011 with the production label Polymer DMT, based in Essen and Taichung/Taiwan.

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Artistic rehearsals and performances will take place on the forecourt during this period.
Mon/Tue 20/21/09 10:00 – 19:00
Wed 22.09. 16:00 – 19:00 hrs
Sat 25/09 4pm – 7pm
Sat/Sun 02./03.10. 19:30 – 22:00 hrs

+ Live audio description and tactile guidance

02.10. 15:00 Tactile tour by Gravity Access Services for visually impaired guests, register at or T +49 351 264 62 37.

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+ Talking About

Fri 01.10.2021 19:00, VILLA WIGMAN
Audience discussion with Fang Yun Lo, admission free

+ Dancing About Party

Sat 02.10.2021 22:00, Dalcroze-Saal, HELLERAU