Mit Echten singen (1)

Concert-Performance with Tanja Krone and Friedrich Greiling (Mittekill)

Musik Performance

30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the performer and musician Tanja Krone drives off in the direction of Chemnitz and talks to her schoolmates, teachers, friends and family from back then: What was going on there, 89/90? In her search for connections between past and present, something unheard of appears in the landscape of her youth. Realposie. Many things seem familiar, but not exemplary.

In the theatre evening “Mit Echten reden (1): Das Ellenbogen-Prinzip” (Talking to Real People (1): The Elbow Principle) the picked up texts have already spread in HELLERAU last autumn. But by far not all of them have been heard yet! Together with Friedrich Greiling and her old cassette recorder, Krone in the Kulturgarten combines the “real” voices from back then into a new musical fabric and makes them audible in a different way today. Pop, rock, tekkno, disco or trance – nobody knows what exactly it will be, but the city will definitely get something on its ears.