MESSAGE FROM TYLER – Memento mori, Kirschgarten

Minna Lund

2023/24 FastForward Theater

In Minna Lund’s production, pop culture meets the theater canon and invites the audience into the boxing ring of contradictions. Tyler Durden, the main character from the cult novel “Fight Club,” becomes the guiding principle for a five-member ensemble: following in the footsteps of Tyler’s capitalism-critical, guru-like revolt, they plunge into Anton Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard” matrix, bringing memories, relationships, feelings and the poison of nostalgia into play. With that, it’s clear to all, “It’s going to hurt!”

Duration: ca. 2 h 15 min
Language: Finnish with German and English surtitles 

Tickets can be bought via the Staatsschauspielhaus Dresden.

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Minna Lund, b. 1991, already has a Master’s degree in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art. She is currently completing her second Master’s in Theatre Directing at the Finnish Theatre Academy in Helsinki. She is interested in exploring a freer and unorthodox way for the audience to experience performances. Her driving force is seeking artistic maximalism, intensity and pleasure on stage.

With: Veera Anttila, Ville Hilska, Juhana Hurme, Milla Kaitalahti, Anna-Sofia Tuominen
Text & Direction: Minna Lund
Dramaturgy: Martta Jylhä
Scenography: Riku Suvitie
Costume: Hilla Ruuska
Sound Design: Axel Ridberg
Light: Rasmus Strandell
Make-Up: Anu Reijanen, Tatjana Richter
Photos: Pate Pesonius, Veikko Timonen (Portrait Minna Lund)
Coproduction: Master’s Programme Directing at the Academy Helsinki, Q-Teatteri Helsinki