mercy seat – winterreise

Charly Hübner & Ensemble Resonanz

2023/24 Musik

Actor Charly Hübner and the Ensemble Resonanz, complemented by a jazz trio consisting of Kalle Kalima, Carlos Bica and Max Andrzejewski, allow the world of Schubert’s “Winterreise” to meet the songs of Australian lyricist and singer Nick Cave. The spirits of this séance speak of unhappy love. Of pain. Of guilt. Of failure. Of loneliness. Of great failure and of death. No place, nowhere. Or: All beauty must die … In Tobias Schwencke’s arrangements, two musical worlds overlap, begin to dance with each other and finally merge into a new, confusing unity. Hübner expresses Schubert’s and Cave’s songs in a very direct, almost unpolished way, telling a story of longing, despair and consolation.

A concert in cooperation with the Dresdener Musikfestspielen 2024.

Vocals: Charly Hübner
Guitar: Kalle Kalima
Double bass: Carlos Bica
Drums: Max Andrzejewski
Editing: Tobias Schwencke
Sound engineer: Tobias Schwenke
Sound direction: Sebastian Schottke

Ensemble Resonanz

In cooperation with HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts. With the kind support of Druckerei Thieme Meißen.