Dienstagssalon with Max Rademann & Marie Antoinette

2023/24 Dienstagssalon Konzert Gespräch

“Captivating! Marie Antoinette sings in sometimes rapturous, sometimes thoughtful lyrics […] about the difficult search for the right path in life and happiness in the little things – with a voice that touches.” Achim Meyer, Hessische Allgemeine

“As inventive and rich in imagery as Marie-Antoinette’s […] language is, she does not convey clichés, but allows the listener to create their own images. Her texts are also rooted in everyday life.” Reinald Hanke, Cellesche Allgemeine

With her real name MARIE ANTOINETTE, the charming Berliner-by-choice brings soul out of the niche with her new album!

Inspired by the “dolce far niente” attitude to life, her songs for DAS SÜßE NICHTSTUN were written while on parental leave in Italy. At night between 3 and 5 o’clock, when everything around them is snuggled up asleep. With the motif of “elysian idleness”, it is finally time to feel again: How important and beautiful can it be to do nothing? What are the consequences of doing nothing on a political and socio-political level? Why do we increasingly have to leave our privileged comfort zone and get up?

Growing up as a village child on the edge of the forest, influenced by western radio shows that her parents secretly recorded on cassettes during the GDR era, her ambivalence between deep beats, poetry and hooky vocal lines was formed early on. Today, the Berlin artist combines these roots with neo-soul, the lifestyle that shapes her the most. Her sound balances between metaphorical icon pop, silk sonic and everyday aesthetics. RnB in German with a good pinch of feminism.

When MARIE ANTOINETTE reflects empathetically on her roles in society, accompanied by piano, bass or sansula, you can feel her resonance with the world. “These lines are the elixir, I pour headaches onto paper (release 26|01|2024).” Between hipness and nostalgia is first and foremost the primal inner need to express oneself.

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Duration: ca. 2 h with a break
Language: German