Loss & Luck

Antje Schupp (DE/CH) & Sigal Zouk (IL/DE)


The right words at the right moment can be remembered forever. So can the wrong words at the wrong moment. So what words do you choose in an existential moment? Maybe none at all?

Loss & Luck is a performance about death and what it teaches us about life, about loss and the happiness one can feel despite a loss. It is a work about the speechlessness that can grip one in such life situations and about how to find strength and confidence again.

Loss & Luck is a mourning ritual and at the same time a confession to resurrection. Only it is not the dead who rise, but rather the living who pull themselves out of the swamp by their own hair and release undreamt-of forces in adverse circumstances. One of these people is Ludwig van Beethoven, whose last piano sonata is the musical focus of the work.

Based on the death of her parents, performer and director Antje Schupp collaborates with choreographer Sigal Zouk for her second solo.  Together they develop a body language that shows universal experiences of human existence and tells of both: of “loss” and “luck”. Always present: the idea that a loss also holds the possibility of transformation. Out of emptiness something new arises again.

Audience discussion with Boris Nikitin, Antje Schupp, Sigal Zouk and theatrale subversion on Saturday, 19.06. 10:00 p.m. in HELLERAU.