Listening in, Sounding out: Resonances of Future Pasts

DTzM Workshop Musik 2022/23

The workshop, organised by the Chair of Digital Cultures at TU Dresden, looks for sites of difference in the history of sound technologies in order to ask about different ways of speaking and listening (in) the future.  

Inspired by curiosity about how different groups of people have historically defined and used their voice and how they have produced or filtered out noise, we look at acoustic phenomena and practices that point to the materiality of voice and sound, their entanglements with the body and technology, and the cultural meanings we assign to voice. We bring together scholars from different disciplines, also to address specific place and explore the role of spatialities and locations in the history of sound and its archives by examining the literal and symbolic resonances that reverberate in the archive and in the history of technology.

Two-day workshop
Sat 06.05. 11:00  – 20:00 h 
Sun 07.05. 11:00 – 16:00 h  
Free admission

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