Tanzproduktionen der Freien Dresdner Tanzszene

Duration: 4 hours | Admission possible at any time

Tanz Performance

Line 8 is the tram line that connects HELLERAU with the centre of Dresden. LINIE08 has also been connecting HELLERAU with the independent Dresden dance scene for seven years by presenting joint projects. In the last edition of LINIE08, the artists* perform for the first time in every room of the house with diverse dance performances, installations and interactive actions. At the same time, this offers an outlook on the new cooperations, in which the cooperation between HELLERAU, TanzNetzDresden and the independent Dresden dance scene will be further strengthened in the future.

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Foyer West 1. OG, 7 Min. (Loop)
So: ab 16:00 Uhr

Whispering Widows
Video | Hèctor Solari, Yamile Navarro and others.

On this one day
Mrs. Death shows you a path –
Come in, who likes! – She says:
It will be colourful and everything but bland!

Only one thing you must not forget:
Mrs. Tod likes to have something to eat.
And singing! And dancing! – she likes that too –
but never with an empty stomach.

Sugar helps to make everything easier to carry –
you don’t have to be afraid!
Better write a small, simple poem –

that conjures up a smile in Mrs. Tod’s face.
And once you feel lost,
but keep this in your ears:
that rare, sweet, beautiful word –
it leads you back to the right place.

A video by Héctor Solari (concept and video) | Yamile Anaid Navarro Luna (concept and dance) Jule Oeft (dance) | Tobias Herzz Hallbauer (sound) | Rimma Elbert (costumes)

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Treppenaufgang West, 20 Min. (Loop)
So: ab 16:00 Uhr

you speak, I travel
Audiovisual Installation | Magdalena Weniger/KOMA
Travelogues, narratives, stories, perspectives. Walking from loudspeaker to loudspeaker, listening and listening in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  The path is covered and sketched by a silent observer. Gradually, running sketches complement the installation visually and in turn influence the walking paths of the following visitors. A cycle.

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Dalcroze-Saal, ca. 1 Std.
So: ab 16:00 Uhr

Video Installation | Elena Cencetti
The video project takes up the term “Florence on the Elbe” and the twinning of Florence and Dresden and explores the parallels and differences between the two municipal capitals in dance art. The locations served as backdrops and inspiration for the movements in public space and opened up special perspectives for the video recordings.
The project was funded and supported in 2017 by the Kulturhauptstadtbüro Dresden and the Comune di Firenze.

Dance: Elena Cencetti | Video: Franziska and Sophia Hoffmann | Music: Ralf Müller

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Showing 18:30, 21:20 Uhr, Seitenbühne West, ca. 15 Min.
So: ab 16:00 Uhr, Showing 16:30, 18:30 Uhr

Everyday arsenals
An interactive air installation | Franziska Kusebauch
When and how do speechless invisible everyday objects transform into autonomous objects in the physical interaction with human bodies? Which atmospheres arise, which metaphorical spaces, which memories, which thoughts and feelings? What then lies behind what things refer to? Alltagsarsenale is an interactive air arena for contemporary dance and a walk-in installation at the same time. In the floating auditorium, lightness and weightless floating states can be experienced first-hand.

Idea, artistic direction: Franziska Kusebauch | Performance and artistic collaboration: Franziska Kusebauch, Charlotte Mehling, Gabriel, Jurado Jiménez | Music: Singing Bowl Music by Ricardo

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Showing 19:00, 22:30 Uhr, Nancy-Spero-Saal, ca. 15 Min.
So: ab 16:00 Uhr, Showing 19:30 Uhr

Rumichaca Vol. 2 
Dance | JuWie Dance Company
A choreography about the magic of a long-fought paradise, sultry and loud. Fascinated by a research trip to Colombia, the multifaceted realm of ancient goldsmithing and Indian advanced civilizations, Rumichaca Vol. 1 was created. Now two years have passed and it is being renegotiated. Rumichaca is the border bridge between Colombia and Ecuador. It connects these two countries.

Two female dancers and a musician pose their own stereotypes and question their own against the background of a foreign culture. What is typical for Germany, Mexico and Scotland? Which bridge connects Salsa, Popcorn, Hula and Waltz?

JuWie Dance Company was founded in 2013 by the dancers Jule Oeft and Wiebke Bickhardt. The JWDC pursues the approach of radical grace in the choice of themes, artistic means, personal commitment and cooperation with other arts and artists* such as Cie. Freaks und Fremde, the composer John Moran, or the choreographer Yaron Shamir.

Concept: JuWie Dance Company | Dance: Yamile Navarro, Jule Oeft | Music: Dr. Daniel Williams | Video: Yamile Navarro | Light: Josia Werth

Sa: ab 18:00 Uhr, Showing 19:55, 21:45 Uhr, Seitenbühne Ost, ca. 30 Min.
So: ab 16:00 Uhr, Showing 17:00, 19:30 Uhr

variations_on Mary 
Tanz | the guts company & Moritz Simon Geist
In 2017, Romy Schwarzer and Johanna Roggan went on a search for traces of Mary Wigman’s dance heritage. The starting point for the development of movement were parts of the opening ceremony of the 1936 Olympic Games, which Wigman co-choreographed.

Set pieces of the ceremony were extracted, repeated, slowed down, accelerated and continually put to the test to what extent Wigman’s dance language has something to do with Schwarzer’s and Roggan’s movement aesthetics and what it means today to place these highly dramatized movements in a contemporary context.

In “variations on_Mary” Schwarzer and Roggan, together with Josefine Wosahlo (performance), search for the interweaving of “dramatized Wigman material”, the choreographic principle of “repetitions” and, together with Benjamin Schindler (video) and Moritz Simon Geist (robotics), expand the work around the medium of video and music generated by robots.

The result is a performative installation. However, the video installation can also be experienced without performance.

Concept/Choreography: Johanna Roggan | Choreographic collaboration/Performance: Romy Schwarzer, Josefine Wosahlo | Video: Benjamin Schindler | Sound: Moritz Simon Geist / DAVE Artists in Focus | Text: Johanna Roggan, Mary Wigman, Michael Foucault | Set design: the guts company

Sa: 19:30 Uhr, Großer Saal Hinterbühne, ca. 25 Min.
So: 17:40 Uhr

Whispering Widows
Dance Yamile Navarro
About death, loss and letting go.

Where I come from, death is a woman. We have known her since childhood and build a relationship with her throughout our lives. We are not afraid of her. She is always present. We celebrate together, write her poems and laugh together. We dance with her and watch her dance with the people we love. When you lose someone there is grief, anger, forgiveness, peace, happiness. Everyone has his own way of letting go. This is beyond your origin, your faith and your culture. This ritual is as old as death itself and death is as universal as dance.

Concept and choreography: Yamile Anaid Navarro Luna | Dance: Larissa Potapov, Kristin Mente, Alicia Varela Carballo, Cristina Bellia | Music: Tobias Herzz Hallbauer | Costume: Rimma Elbert | Light: Josia Wert

Sa: Showing 19:30, 21:45 Uhr, Ecksalon West, ca. 30 Min.
So: Showing 16:30, 18:30 Uhr

Live Cinema Performance | Daniela Lehmann
An empty house. A transitional situation.
What memories are stored in the Four Walls and in us?
What happened before the silence?
What can happen after the emptiness?
Daniela Lehmann is a freelance choreographer and dancer, a member of Zentralwerk e.V. and active in TanzNetzDresden. In 2005 she won with her solo “MINA” the 1st prize and the audience prize for “The best German dance solo” at the euroscene festival in Leipzig.

Idea: Daniela Lehmann | Video: Barbara Lubich | Music: Marieluise Herrmann | Dance: Petra Zupančič, Daniela Lehmann | Costume: Grit Aulitzky

Sa: 20:00, 22:00 Uhr, Ecksalon Ost, ca. 15 Min.
So: 19:00 Uhr

Dance | Martina Morasso
Of course we were all there… where else? Nobody knew then that there could be a room…what should we have done, crowded together like oil sardines?

One performer represents the emergence, explosion and implosion of a star. The other brings different galaxies to life through narration and live drawing. Italo Calvino’s stories “All Cosmicomics” are the red thread (from intercellular division to star gravity). A musician paints a carpet of sound from seething intergalactic noises. The boundary between the organic and the inorganic oscillates in unstable constellations. Does the whole thing explode to the end or finds a calm stability?

Concept and dance: Martina Morasso | Performance/Graphics: Yaëlle Dorison | Narrative/Voice: Judica Semler | Hang Player/Sound Maker: Christian Kitzbichler

Sa: 20:40 Uhr, Großer Saal, ca. 20 Min.
So: 20:15 Uhr

Lost in creation, #4
Dance | situation productions
The universe as a place of longing. The cosmos as a projection surface. The universe as an unlimited space of possibilities for the invention of other worlds.

“Lost in creation, #4” is the fourth part of the performance series “Lost in creation, #1-4” and is the result of artistic collaboration between the choreographers and dancers Martina Francone and Anna Till and the musician Dalibor Kocian.

Audio material used:
Paula Glagett-Haleim, Ed Stone, Carl Sagan. Press Conference. Voyager Missions: Solar System Image and New Findings. NASA SELECT, Washington DC. June 6, 1990.

Idea & Dance: Anna Till | Room & Costume: Konstanze Grotkopp | Light: Martin Mulik | Sound: Johannes Till | Artistic Collaboration: Nora Otte | Production: Bettina Lehmann

situation productions
Founded in 2017 by the dancer and choreographer Anna Till and the cultural manager Bettina Lehmann in Dresden as a company in the field of the performing arts, the artistic projects of situation productions focus on interdisciplinary cooperation with artists from various genres.

“Lost in creation, #1-4” is a production of situation productions.

In cooperation with Societaetstheater Dresden, Košice Artists in Residence (K.A.I.R.), HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste and Fabbrica Europa. Developed within the framework of LINIE08 – a cooperation project of HELLERAU – European Centre of the Arts, TanzNetzDresden and Kultopia gGmbH Dresden.
Supported by the Slovak Arts Council, the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, the Dresden-Florence City Partnership Fund of the City of Dresden and the Goethe-Institut Slovakia.
Supported by TanzNetzDresden, Kultopia gGmbH Dresden, Tabačka Kulturfabrik Košice and Villa Romana Florenz.