life in numbers

Katia Manjate (MOZ) & Anna Till (DE)

premiere | audience discussion 14.10.

Tanz Performance

She lives in Maputo (Mozambique) and Dresden (Germany). For a loaf of bread they pay 52 Meticais or 3 Euro, Katia will be 62,3 years old, Anna 83,5. They are 1,68m and 1,54m tall. Katia gives birth to 5.24 children, Anna 1.5. They have a monthly income of 31€ or 3,224€, Katia sees the sun 7.7 hours a day, Anna 4.6 hours.

On average, statistically speaking.

“life in numbers” is the first joint work of the dancers & choreographers Katia Manjate (MOZ) and Anna Till (DE). The point of departure for their encounter is their life realities: Both have age, gender and profession in common – but the conditions under which they live and work differ greatly.

An encounter in which poetry emerges between personal existence and social reality. Vulnerable. Powerful. Honestly.

+ dance workshop for all with Katia Manjate (MOZ) & Anna Till (DE)
Wed 16.10. 15:00, Registration: