Lensbased Variety


Lensbased, New Media Class at the Berlin University of the Arts, operates as a loose collective from a political point of view. The group works with a variety of “screen” media and produces, for example, short and experimental films, theatre using the computer game Minecraft as a stage, video games and sound performances with live poetry. The common thread connecting the works from Rojava to Maastricht across virtual spaces is the attempt to address political configurations from a non-conformist perspective.

The Lensbased crew at HELLERAU consists of: Bruno Siegrist, Can Kurucu, Leyla Toprak, Matthias Planitzer, Victoria Martínez, Jack Hogan, Sarah Zeryab, Jeanna Kolesova, Daria Kozlova, Arwina Ahm, Kamilla Li, Kani Lent, Dongryhong Han, Clemens Schöll, Mariam Ashlanishvili, and Elisa Jule Braun in collaboration with Moritz Stumm. 


Instagram @lens_babes

Language: English and German

Duration: 2 hours


Great Hall 22.10.

22:30 | “BVC”, sound performance (Bruno Siegrist, Victoria Martínez, Can Kurucu)
Sound performance between live poetry reading, synthesizers and air instruments. The performance explores the tension between musical improvisation and structure, while poetry voices from the past remind us of the constant recurrence of meaning.

23:00 | Feeling as Understanding: The Art of Condensation and the Art of Meaning, Lecture Performance (Clemens Schöll).
The crisis of meaning, the film “Panzerkreuzer Potemkin”, information theory, Schmidhuber’s mathematical theory of aesthetics, post-conceptual art – all compressed into the question: What is the feeling of “understanding”? And how does this feeling relate to the production and consumption of art?

23:30 | The Measures Taken, Video (Mariam Aslanishvili, Jack Hogan, Can Kurucu, Matthias Planitzer)
The Measures Taken, a play originally written by Bertolt Brecht, is a theatre performance that takes place within the video game Minecraft. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an entire theatre building was built to perform and house the play.

00:00 | HEIDEGGER’S VALLEY OR TECHNE & DIE 3 TOLLEN, Video (Elisa Jule Braun, Moritz Stumm)
HEIDEGGER’S VALLEY OR TECHNE & THE 3 FOOLS is a half serious, half humorous, half documentary fable fiction. A wild speculation in which philosophy, high-tech industry and Swabian culture collide. It’s about dialect and dialectics, tradition and technology, haunting and hegemony. 

In the Music Room (21.-23.10.)

About someone who moved out to find a flat in Berlin. A drama of automation in three acts – Speedrun edit (2020), 5:00, Clemens Schöll
Parallel Universe (2021), 08:42, Jeanna Kolesova
Notes on health (2019), 02:43, Victoria Martínez
On Standardisation – or how we humans can win the last battle against nature (2018), 10:00, Bruno Siegrist
By hook or by crook (2021), 01:55, Heiko-Thandeka Ncube
Pipedream (2022), game, Daria Kozlova & Arwina Ahm