Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company (DE)

Dresden premiere


Under the title LAPDANCE Jacopo Godani and the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company will present an extraordinary contemporary musical program. In a unique and intimate setting, our Dresden audience can experience Godani’s choreographies and the musical compositions of two groundbreaking composers of the 20th century up close: Béla Bartók and Johannes Schöllhorn. The choreography to Béla Bartók’s composition will be accompanied live by the Kubus Quartet.

In Metamorphers, Jacopo Godani builds a classical choreographic composition to Béla Bartók’s String Quartet No. 4, in which music, dance, rhythm and melody are coordinated. He makes the puzzle of the score visible. Playfully, Jacopo Godani deals with naturalness and spontaneity, creating a huge reservoir of highly developed choreographic material. Metamorphers is unquestionably a musical work: dance becomes the melody of music.

In Satelliting (Dresden premiere) an aesthetic world of images, floating costumes, fragile lights, ethereal creatures and magical moments comes to life in the darkness that surrounds and embraces the audience. Five parts of the subtle musical composition Anamorphoses by Johannes Schöllhorn become an extraordinary support for the choreographer to create this unique atmosphere. Jacopo Godani invites the audience to enter into a state of contemplation in order to develop his artistic vision.

LAPDANCE is a work that focuses on the experience of the audience. To see details, to breathe the true essence, to experience refinements and subtleties up close with the dancers and the musicians.