KASSANDRA | Zunge: reißen

Katja Erfurth

Premiere | Dancing About Signs


Kassandra, in Greek mythology the daughter of the Trojan king Priam and Hecabe, was given the gift of prophecy by the god Apollo because of her beauty, but when she rejected his attempts at seduction, he cursed her so that her prophecies would never be heard.

In her encounters with German Sign Language, the language of the non-hearing, Katja Erfurth explored this visual language more deeply in various residencies. In her constant exploration of body language and dance, it was a logical step for her to learn about the non-verbal communication level of sign language in its history and principles and to experience it physically.

Kassandra stands like no other figure as a symbol of not being heard. Inspired by this, Katja Erfurth combines her choreographic movement language with concrete and associative sign language for herself as a dancer and the ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden.

Katja Erfurth received nine years of dance training at the Palucca Schule Dresden. After an engagement in the ballet ensemble of the Saxon State Opera Dresden, she has been working freelance since 1997. She works primarily as a soloist in dance and choreography.

Please note!

The event on 03.10. will take place with translation into German Sign Language (DGS).

Parking on the forecourt temporarily not possible! 
Artistic rehearsals and performances will take place on the forecourt during this period.
Mon/Tue 20/21/09 10:00 – 19:00
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+ Dancing About Party

Sat 02.10.2021 22:00, Dalcroze-Saal, HELLERAU

+ Talking About

Sun 03.10.2021 22:00, Dalcroze-Saal, HELLERAU
Audience discussion with Katja Erfurth & go plastic company with translation into German sign language