It took my breath away. About Covid? No it’s Shirley Not!

Douglas Bateman

time & s_pace Performance 2022/23
Foto: Douglas Bateman

“It took my breath away” is a lip synchro of life. Shirley Not explores the basic human action of breathing – something we all do – without exception! What takes your breath away? Whose breath do you see?

Dedicated to songs about breath and voice, Shirley Not’s new show brings together contemporary dance practices, the urban dance style of Waacking, and a personal perspective on ownership and exploitation.

Duration: 60 Min. (Foyer) & 45 Min. (Boxring)

Language: English

Douglas Bateman is a dance performance artist, lecturer, choreographer and initiator in creating new structures for artistic creation and communication. He has danced with European dance companies such as London City Ballet, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Pretty Ugly Tanz Cologne and is a long-time collaborator with dance personality Tony Rizzi. In 2009 he co-founded the MichaelDouglas Collective: a group of dance creators who invite other artists* to work on innovative collaborations.

Concept, Choreography & Performance: Douglas Bateman

Waacking mentor: Yeliz Pazar

Outside eye: Lucie Ortmann, Zoe Buchholz

Photo: Oliver Look

A production by Douglas Bateman. 

Co-produced by Tanztausch Festival 

Supported by an artist grant within the framework of NRW-Corona-Hilfen.