Dimitris Papaioannou (GR)


“Inside” is a theatrical installation that took place in the Spring of 2011. A room was set inside the Pallas Theatre, in the center of Athens. In this room, a simple series of movements showing our daily return home was uniformly repeated by thirty performers in countless combinations and superimpositions. The stage action began before the theatre opened its doors, and continued after the last visitor has left. The theatre was open to the public for six hours each day.

This is a six-hour, unedited documentation of the work.

“Inside” invites you to watch the action as if gazing at a landscape. It treats the theatre as an exhibition space and the work as an exhibit. Visitors are free to watch as much as they like, sit wherever they like, exit and re-enter as many times as they like. Please set your phones to silent and keep your voices low, so as not to disturb your fellow visitors.