I want to believe (interactive Game Show)


He said “trust no one.” And that’s hard, Scully. Suspecting everyone, everything, it wears you down. You even begin to doubt what you know is the truth.” Fox Mulder

“I want to believe” is an interactive game show.

“I want to believe” is also the saying on the UFO poster hanging on the wall in the office of fictional character Special FBI Agent Fox Mulder from X-Files. Mulder is sure he is on the trail of the truth. But the truth, he believes, is veiled, blurred behind a US government plot and must be uncovered. For that, however, we have to believe.

Believing and being believed, the loss of trust in democracy and its institutions, the outgrowth of conspiracy theories – in the game show “I want to believe”, the players as investigators and followers go on a search for the truth together with K TV – whether they slip into the role of a sci-fi author and rely on conspiracy theories to connect the disparate, whether they convince as a guru with enlightenment or shine as a sociologist with facts in a scientific style – what counts is the attention and reaction of the followers.

The truth is out there. The truth is ultimately written in the cards – we just have to look closely.

On two evenings of Hybrid Play, the audience is invited to test and play “I want to believe” together with K TV and thus get one step closer to the truth on the pressing questions of our time.

YANA EVA THÖNNES is a performance artist and director. She lives and works in Munich. Yana studied theatre directing and cultural studies before founding the performance group THE AGENCY with Magdalena Emmerig, Rahel Spöhrer and Belle Santos. Their work has been shown at the Münchner Kammerspiele, Tanz im August, Athens Biennale, FFT Düsseldorf, Pact Zollverein and Festival Internacionales de Buenos Aires, among others. In her artistic work, Yana is interested in the performance and performative creation of closeness and intimacy – and the uncanny that breaks through in the reality of these emotions.
She has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich, the Zurich University of the Arts and the Offenbach University of Art and Design, among others. She has been invited to Japan, India and the USA, among other places, for her artistic research.

LEONI VOEGELIN studied art history and history at the University of Basel and Spiel&&Objekt at the HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin. Since 2021 she is a scholarship holder of the Elsa Neumann Foundation for the Promotion of Young Artists and Scholars and develops interactive installations and participatory performances as a game designer and media artist. Since 2019, she has been developing projects at the interface of theatre and digital media together with Anna Vera Kelle as VERAVOEGELIN. They build experimental arrangements of complex systems that make it possible to speculatively explore spaces of action of human and non-human actors. Since 2020, she has been working with Sebastian Altermatt under the name FRIENDS OF RANDOM OBJECTS on a genealogy of black holes in order to look beyond the event horizon and turn towards the non-perceived. Their humorous speculations revolve around the question of subjectification and hybridisation and the connection between sensuality and functionality.

JANNE KUMMER works as a director, performer and media artist. She teaches in the Master Spiel&&Objekt at the HfS Ernst Busch and conducts research in the Open Lab at the UdK on the effects of digitalisation on the perception and representation of bodies. Her topics include techno/cyberfeminism, new materialism and the Anthropocene discourse. In her artistic practice, she is currently developing multimedia interactive installations that serve as interfaces between analogue and digital spaces of experience and organic and inorganic life worlds.
In her work, she explores alternative narratives and narrative formats that do justice to the complexity of a world shaped by technology, digitalisation and globalisation and open up spaces of possibility outside established mechanisms of power.
She is a fellow of the interdisciplinary joint project DiGiTaL – Arts and Science and an alumna of the German National Academic Foundation.

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