HYBRID X objekt Palett

HYBRID Box 2022/23
Foto: objekt klein a

The “hybrid” comes from the Greek – ὕβρις, hýbris – for wantonness or presumption and from the Latin hybrida for bastard or mongrel. Today the term refers much more positively to something bundled, crossed or mixed. Such a good mixture exists, for example, when two collectives join forces, as Palais Palett and objekt klein a once did. And so this year’s HYBRID Biennale becomes an occasion not only to design and manage the venue, but also, as a special exception, an event together!



Flexible Heart ( ProZecco )

hardi ( object small a )

Jenny Cara ( EOS )

Levat ( STORNO )

SK LIBRA ( GG Vybe )

Sova ( Palais Palett | DDAC | Interlude )


The Constitute – “Point of You”