machina eX: HOMECOMING

A live theatre game for the home

Max. 30 participants per event | Tickets until two days before the performance via Telegram

online Performance

The first year of the pandemic is over. A young woman returns to her hometown because she can no longer afford to pay her rent in the big city. An agency sends thick envelopes to evaluate how well the population can weather the crisis. And, on the internet, a community emerges that celebrates the voluntary decision to go without as a lifestyle alternative to the desire for the easing of restrictions. Together with HAU Hebbel am Ufer, FFT Düsseldorf and Hellerau in Dresden, machina eX develops its second living room game. In “Homecoming”, the audience members all stay at home. From there, they set out to prominent as well as remote parts of the internet to explore a story over the course of live performances and chats that extends far beyond their own four walls.

In order to play, a computer with access to the internet, a telephone and a mail box are required.

German or English / approx. 120 min.

machina eX has been developing games and installations in theatres, museums and digital spaces since 2010. After Lockdown, which was created in spring this year in cooperation with the FFT Düsseldorf, Homecoming is the collective’s second living room adventure.

Tickets until two days before the performance via Telegram

Observe ticket instructions. | Write your desired date in the chat and get all further information about buying tickets from machina eX.

Please note before purchasing a ticket

  • The purchase of a ticket is possible until two days before the respective performance.  If you have any questions regarding the ticket purchase, please contact our ticketing team, Tel +49 (0)30 259004-27.
  • “Homecoming” is a game for your personal computer and is played via the messaging app Telegram – with the desktop version being recommended here (download: Taking part only with the smartphone version of Telegram is not possible, the smartphone version can only be used aditionally.
  • The ticket purchase can be started with the button “Ticket” at the single dates but is only possible after an intermediate step in Telegram.
  • Tickets can only be purchased online and in single numbers.
  • By registering via Telegram you agree to the storage and use of your mobile phone number and your address for the purposes of the game format of the event for its duration. All data exchanged with machinaeX during and prior to the event will be deleted after its end.
  • In the course of the game, other websites will be visited for which a webcam is sometimes required. Also against this background, a stable internet connection is required for the entire duration of the game.