Portrait Adriana Hölszky – Conversation Concert II

AuditivVokal and student ensembles of the HfM Dresden

DTzM Auswärts Musik 2022/23
Foto: Mozarteum Salzburg

Within the framework of the "Udo Zimmermann Guest Lectureship" and the Dresden Contemporary Music Days

Thanks to the “Udo Zimmermann Guest Lectureship” donated by Saskia Zimmermann, it is possible to invite an internationally renowned composer to the Dresden University of Music each summer semester to teach here and present their music in detail.

For 2023, the composer Adriana Hölszky was chosen, who was a professor at the Mozarteum Salzburg for many years and whose music has already been successfully realised in almost all major European metropolises (a large music theatre work by her has also been premiered at the Saxon State Opera). This year, the composer, who lives in Stuttgart, celebrates her 70th birthday. And last but not least, Udo Zimmermann, after whom this guest lectureship is named, was one of her patrons. At the centre of the round of public events are two discussion concerts in which students of the university as well as the ensemble AuditivVokal realise some selected works by the composers, among them the highly acclaimed music theatre piece “Tragödia”.


Vocal and chamber music by Adriana Hölszky et al. Commentary for Lauren, Message and Props.
Soloists from the Master’s programme in New Music and from AuditivVokal Dresden
Student ensembles of the HfM Dresden
Conductor: Nicolas Kuhn
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel


Venue: Concert Hall of the Dresden University of Music, Wettiner Pl. 13, 01067 Dresden

Further public events with Adriana Hölszky:
26.04. and 03.05. both 11:15 – 12:45, room 4.07.
Perspectives on expressive composing. Two-part workshop with Adriana Hölszky
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Jörn Peter Hiekel