HELLERAUmoves: All Levels

Start with the Body with Shu-yi Chou

2023/24 HELLERAUmoves Workshop Tanz

This workshop will start from the body, regardless of whether you have experience in dance. As long as you are willing to move together, let us feel the shared yet different body energy. The course will begin with sitting postures, so if you have wheelchair-bound friends, you are also welcome to participate with your friends.

Duration: ca. 2 h
Language: English 

This workshop is fully booked!

*In order to ensure optimal conditions, please send us an email at workshop@hellerau.org if you have accessibility requirements.

**We will send a confirmation of registration for the workshop one week before the start of the event. So don’t worry if you don’t receive a confirmation straight away. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee participation if you register at short notice, but we would still be happy if you simply came along and give it a try. 

Shu-yi Chou starts out from the body and communicates with the world through dance and choreography. He focuses on the relationship between human beings and the society. In his past creations and actions, he is capable of capturing the powers of cross-disciplinary collaboration to address the publicness of arts. His creations focus on the value of life and reflect the state of individuals or collectives in different social contexts. Through his creations, Shu-yi Chou makes propositions of a “body vocabulary that is specifically Asian” in the forms of theatre, non-traditional theatre and dance video. He continues to create as he travels different sites and places. In 2020, he was invited as the Weiwuying’s first artist in residence and Curator of Taiwan Dance platform 2022-2024, he has been living in the south of Taiwan ever since.