Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit

Thomas Heise (DE)

Dokumentarfilm , Deutschland/Österreich | audience discussion after


“Heimat ist ein Raum aus Zeit” follows the biographical traces of a torn family through the late 19th and following 20th centuries. It is about people who once found each other by chance, then lost each other. Their remaining children and grandchildren now disappear. It is about speaking and silence. First love and disappeared happiness. Fathers, mothers, sons, brothers, affairs, injuries and happiness in changing landscapes, which carry different, proliferating traces of times in themselves. A collage of pictures, sounds, letters, diaries, notes, noises, voices, fragments.

“Home is a space of time” is a reflection on time and love in it, in people, in sounds, images and language. There is always a remnant left that does not rise.

The material of the film is what remains of my family, remnants. Those of whom I know, whose circumstances I have experienced or experienced differently. Remnants that reflect history, history that is also mine. (Thomas Heise)