Granma. Posaunen aus Havanna

Stefan Kaegi/Rimini Protokoll (CH/DE)

Spanish with German and English surtitles

Performance Theater

Cuba has always been a projection space for utopians and an enemy image for their critics. In the 60th year after the revolution, Rimini Protokoll asked the grandchildren for their references to the myth and reality of the revolution and invited four of them to tell their stories. For example, Daniel, 36, is a mathematician and filmmaker. His grandfather, Faustino Pérez, was one of Fidel Castro’s most familiar comrades and in 1956 organized the ship “Granma”, which brought the revolutionaries from Mexico to Cuba. After their triumph, Pérez became the first minister for the recovery of embezzled goods and began the expropriation of the elites. His grandson Daniel still owns the catalogue of an auction where noble hair clips and beach villas were auctioned. But what can he buy from it today?

In “Granma. Trombones from Havana”, young Cubans and 31-year-old musician Diana, whose grandfather founded the “Orquesta Maravillas de Florida”, travel back in time for several generations and interweave their family histories with the socio-political questions of a present in which Cuba is changing. Together with the composer Ari Benjamin Meyers and four trombones, they are also practicing musical-revolutionary practice: learning something together that one never thought possible before.

The event will be shown in Spanish with German and English surtitles.